With the increasing prevalence of dementia in Asia, there is an urgent need for cognitive screening tools that can be used across nations and cultures in a standardized manner without the need for translation or adaptation. Furthermore, when translation to different languages is performed, the translation process often alters the original neuropsychological properties of the original tool and creates lack of uniformity when comparing across languages.

To address this issue, we developed a cognitive screening tool – Visual Cognitive Assessment Test (VCAT), which is visual based and thus can be applied to subjects of all languages without the need for multiple translations.

The VCAT is a brief screening tool designed to detect early cognitive impairment. It is language neutral and particularly suited for multi-lingual population as it offers the advantage of circumventing any need to translate or adapt its test contents to other languages or dialects.

VCAT tests on six main cognitive domains: Memory, Visuospatial, Language, Executive Function, Attention and Working Memory.

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